Le dictionnaire sur le kitesurf donne la définition de tous les termes techniques liés à la pratique du kite. C’est aussi un glossaire qui traduit le vocabulaire anglais du kiteboard en français. Les termes techniques sont expliqués de façon détaillée pour qu’un débutant commence le kitesurf dans de bonnes conditions. C’est un lexique pratique à voir et à revoir dès qu’il vous manque un mot de vocabulaire.

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Kevlar -  A very strong fiber sometimes used for kite lines. Has some characteristics (more stretch) which make it somewhat less desirable than Spectra.
KGB -  backroll puis passage de barre en l'air de la main avant à la main arrière
Kite Leash -  A leash or line connecting the kiter to the kite and used to keep the kite from flying away when the control bar is released. A kite leash must depower the kite when used.
kiteloop -  Le kite fait un tour complet durant le saut dans la direction opposée au sens de navigation du rider.
Kiteloop -  One of the most powered-up moves in kiteboarding, where the rider loops the kite through the wind window. The power surge is intense and is akin to being yanked by a truck. Requires serious cajones.
Kitemare -  A kiteboarding accident or mishap. Kitemares can also refer to severely tangled lines. Waking up in a cold sweat having not scored a session for some time does not constitute a kitemare.
Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding -  Also called kite sailing or flysurfing. Using a kite to pull you across the water with a board under your feet.
Knot -  This is the speed of one nautical mile per hour.
Kook -  Someone who approaches kiteboarding with too much earnest and overconfidence, often jeopardizing the safety of everyone around them through poor kite control and erratic jumps