Le dictionnaire sur le kitesurf donne la définition de tous les termes techniques liés à la pratique du kite. C’est aussi un glossaire qui traduit le vocabulaire anglais du kiteboard en français. Les termes techniques sont expliqués de façon détaillée pour qu’un débutant commence le kitesurf dans de bonnes conditions. C’est un lexique pratique à voir et à revoir dès qu’il vous manque un mot de vocabulaire.

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Wakeboard -  A wakeboard can be used as a kite board. It usually has 2 boots fixed on it like a snowboard. A wakeboard is typically 140 to 150 cm in length. Most production wakeboards do not have the ideal rocker (shape) for kitesurfing.
Wakeboard -  Petite planche équipée de chausses, tractée par un bateau et maintenant par un kite. Pratique radicale en kitesurf
Wakestyle -  A kiteboarding style that uses seeks to emulate wakeboarding through unhooked, powered tricks with the kitesurfing kite kept low.
Walk of shame -  The morose walk back upwind along the beach to where you originally started from, caused by either low wind or an inability to successfully drive upwind
waterstart -  Départ assis dans l'eau, première manœuvre pour se mettre debout sur sa planche , soit lorsqu'on débute, soit quand on n’a pas pied
Wave Ride -  Term which means to surf a wave like a surfer while kiting
Wind range -  Used to describe the range of wind speed that a kite will fly well in. Usually given in knots.
Wind window -  The 120-180 degree arc of the sky downwind of the rider in which the kite can be flown. If the rider is facing downwind on a flat surface, like the ocean, the wind window consists of roughly all the area the rider can see, from the rider's peripheral vision on one side, along the horizon to the other side, and then directly overhead back to the first side. If the rider somehow puts the kite out of the window , for example, by riding downwind very quickly and sending the kite directly overhead and behind , the kite will stall and frequently fall out of the sky.
Windward -  In the direction toward the wind. Opposite of leeward.
Wing -  A term used sometimes for a kite or any other foil.
Wing Span -  This is the widest measurement of a kite often taken from wingtip to wingtip
Wipika -  A French manufacturer of the original inflatable (bladder) kite developed by the legendary kite boarding pioneers, Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux. Theirs was the first practical water relaunchable kite
Working the kite -  Making figure eights or sine patterns with the kite to generate more power by increasing apparent wind on the kite. In light winds it helps to really work the kite.
Wrist Leash -  This refers to a safety leash attached to your wrist to allow you to depower the kite when you let go of the control bar.